About Us

You have probably landed on this page to learn more about us and the business!!

Truth be told, I am awful at About Me's; but here goes nothing! I will start with the company and our mission, then introduce all the faces! 

Brave Bow Company was started with two missions!! 

Our first mission is to provide quality, hand made hair accessories to our customers. This means treating our customer with respect, having excellent communication, and truly inviting you guys to be a part of our family! We make hair bows from sizes 1.5" to 6" and head wraps. Our bows come on clips, or on nylons.

The second mission is to inspire people to be kind, BRAVE and courageous. I want every person that comes across our brand to always remember to be kind and brave. I truly believe that these traits are so important to remember and practice.

Life is different from when we grew up, these kids need to hold on to their innocence as long as possible. They need to help build each other up instead of tear each other down! They need to be brave and take chances, kind to others, and courageous enough to push for what they want!

Let me tell you a little about BRAVE in our family. Hayley actually surprised us when she decided to enter our world. We went through quite a bit, which included a lengthy NICU stay. Hayley redefined BRAVE and what it meant to me. She taught me to be brave in a way I never knew was possible. It is never too late to start being brave, kind and courageous.

Now on to the About Us....


See that lady up there? That is me, Nickole. I am the owner of Brave Bow Company! I enjoy photography, hunting, fishing, crafting, and WINE. (This sounds like a horrible dating profile now lol) I have a wonderful Fiance named Brian and we have two littles!


If you keep scrolling, you will see my mini's! Chase and Hayley!

Chase is five years old, about to be six in July! He just graduate kindergarten. He is my wild one! He is full of energy, passion, and emotion! He is also a Cub Scout, and yes, I am a Proud Den Mom!! He just ranked in Lions and excited to move up to Tigers. He has a brave, kind and courageous heart and I admire his soul so much.

Hayley is our newest wild animal! (I refer to both of my children as wild animal, it is all in fun) Hayley is 1.5 years old and is firecracker. She just started walking, loves to try all kinds of food (and will steal your food off your plate), and is growing like a weed!

Both of these kids keep me on my toes. 

And last, but not least, here is a photo of my entire circus!! See that one over to the right, holding the baby? That is my biggest supporter and the heart of our family! That is Brian. He keeps this family grounded and does everything he possibly can to make sure we are content. (Including wearing a Joe Exotic shirt, that he hates, on mothers day to make me smile. Yes I have a Tiger King obsession!)